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Wheel Balancers

Invest in wheel balancers today.  We offer quality tire balancers that will make balancing tires an easier job.  When it comes to auto wheel balancing, it is very important to be able to depend on a machine that will accurately balance your tires.  Give Automotive Equipment Specialists today to speak to one of our experts who can help you decide which balancer is best for you.

  • COATS 775 Wheel Balancer - 40mm
  • COATS 875 Wheel Balancer - 40mm
  • COATS 1100 Wheel Balancer
  • Coats1300-2T
  • COATS 1150-2D  Wheel Balancer
  • Coats1400-2
  • COATS HEN 1500 LED Wheel Balancer
  • COATS 6275 Heavy-Duty Hand Spin Wheel Balancer
  • COATS 6450-3D Heavy-Duty Truck Wheel Balancer