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  • Autel MaxiSys® MS906TS Diagnostic System & Comprehensive TPMS Service Device part #:AUL-MS906TS

Autel MaxiSys® MS906TS Diagnostic System & Comprehensive TPMS Service Device part #:AUL-MS906TS

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AutelMaxiSys® MS906TS Diagnostic System & Comprehensive TPMS Service Device

AutelMaxiSYS MS906TSKMV-16part #:AUL-700050
• This kit includes one MaxiSYS MS906TS Tool with VCI and Connectors, 16 count 1-Sensors and 4 count Metal Valve Kits 
• The MaxiSYS MS906TS is Autel's first bi-directional scanner capable of generating insurance carrier-ready Pre-SCAN and Post-SCAN repair diagnostic reports 
• The MS906TS is a combination wireless, diagnostic scan tablet and TPMS tool 
• The 8-inch touchscreen tablet comes equipped with an Android 4.4.2 operating system, a 1.3GHz + 1.7GHz hexa-core processor, 32G hard drive, and the Autel MaxiSYS system suite software 
• It features complete TPMS functionality like the TS608 and generates shop-branded, Pre-SCAN and Post-SCAN diagnostic reports for insurance carrier submission 
• The MS906TS has bi-directional control, can access all modules in all systems, and performs AutoSCAN and AutoVIN (2006+) 
• It features coding and adaptations, and key programming on Domestic and Asian vehicles (2001+). It currently has 20 service functions including ABS brake bleed, can reset diesel emissions, and perform diagnostics on select light and medium duty vehicles 
• The MS906TS is updatable via Wi-Fi, and includes a wireless MaxiSYS-VCI100 and complete OBDII connector kit 
• A 1-year tool warranty and 1 year of free software updates are available with purchase. This tool is eligible for TCP expanded coverage


Diagnostic Tester, 8.0" Tablet; Android Based, Domestic / Asian / European with Connector Kit CURRENT software w/ABS & Air Bag; OBDII cable, USB Cable, Master Cable Set, Wireless Bluetooth OBD II Connection (MaxiSys) w/ TPMS Antenna Module &  & AUL MXSENSOR1KIT-16

Includes 16 MX1SENSORS & 4 metal stems

Product Reviews

  1. Very helpful and fast shipping

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Apr 2019

    Selling and programming the sensors will pay for the unit. Made $300.00 first two days.

  2. Great Product Great Service

    Posted by Joe. Bullseye Auto Repair, LLC on 26th Dec 2017

    Another great product. I have purchased several Autel products from Mario here at Automotive Equipment Specialist. Always great products super fast shipping and great service. Thanks Again!

  3. I love this Scan Tool!

    Posted by Bruce A. B. on 23rd Mar 2017

    I have now been using this tool for a week and I am very pleased. It is quick to navigate and intuitive. The tire pressure sensor activating function also works very well. The bluetooth connection has worked flawlessly. My only frustration so far is the sampling data rate when monitoring data. When data is graphed it is much slower than several other scan tools I have used. When monitoring misfires on Fords the refresh rate is slow enough that you may have to get several hits on an intermittent misfire before it would show up on the graph. If you can live with that shortcoming it is a good tool! I highly recommend it.

  4. Serious Tool For Any Shop

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Oct 2016

    I have recently opened my own shop and acquiring tools is often a burden, so I do my research and make wise choices before I buy. In this case, I've made a good decision.....This thing is awesome! For the money, it beats the heck out of the big name brand scanners. For years I've only had the cheapest of scanners, and while they could usually point me in the right direction, they would fall on their face when it came to brands like Audi. Not the case with this ms906ts....This thing has already saved me a decent amount of time and money in the 3 days I've had it. I went to go buy a car yesterday, and when I scanned it, I was able to show the seller exactly what his check engine light was about. There was no arguing with my scanner, so he just dropped $500 off the price. The tool is fairly easy to use, although it'll take a bit to get used to. It's basically a tablet that took steriods and became a scanner, as it has wifi, bluetooth, a camera, holds music, and the whole 9 yards....nice features to have. I will probably look into getting an inspection camera for this soon, but past that, I think this thing has the other bases covered, especially when it comes to the pre-obd2 connectors and tpms. Also, I have successfully registered the product with Autel, so everything checked out. I have had a great experience with this website.....good price, good service, and quick shipping. I ordered it late Monday night and had it Thursday.

  5. Best professional scanner for the money

    Posted by Corey on 6th Sep 2016

    I have experience with the DS 708 and the MS 906 is so much faster. The wireless VCI works flawlessly. I'm a master tech for Honda and this tool has all the same capabilities as the manufacturer tool with the exception of PCM programming. For that you need to spend the extra money for the 908. The TPMS works better than the Honda tool. I have also used this tool on other manufacturers and am not disappointed. Just used it to diagnose a ford diesel and had all the PID's and test I needed.

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